Deep from metropolitan Egypt, particularly in beautiful Alexandria, a girl was born from a multicultural family. While having both Greek and byzantine origin, her Egyptian Genes dominated every aspect of her life despite of her French education. She loved Egypt in a way that she “couldn’t love anything else”.

"Couldn’t Stay Unconnected"

After 25 January 2011, following a lost of job and financial problems, she had to take her family out of Egypt and leave for Montreal, Canada. Although having a great portion of success in this new beautiful city, she couldn’t stay unconnected. Her roots were calling for her every second, it seems that she came from a place with the deepest roots ever.

She got the idea when she was receiving a lot of gifts and support from her family and friends but she couldn't do the same for them due to the lack of service in Egypt and the insecure mode of payments.

She decided to give the job for one of her family member, the gift was delivered but it lacked something, the magic of the gift. She felt like she is not the one really giving it. she lost her part of joy.

"Follow Your Passion, Make The Jump"

It was hard to build everything from scratch, but it was worth it. Egypt is full of priceless treasures and the most important one is the Egyptian human being. we were blessed with a team work who “made it happen”.

"It is more than a gift"

there is no giver without a receiver and no receiver without a giver. When we are giving, we are also simultaneously receiving. When we are receiving, we are also giving. The gift itself is equally integral and important. We work hard on exposing the magic of the gift, both for the giver and the receiver. Our goal is this indescribable feeling of human satisfaction when feeling expression is realized with success in the most perfect way and with the most perfect gift. That’s why, we decided from the first day to leave you the choice to personalize your gift, and we are here for you to make it “perfect”.

 The Face Behind The Brand:

Marie Antoun, Owner